Special Issues and Proceedings Volumes
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Memento libri: New Writings and Translations from the
World of Tsushima Yūko (1947~2016),” special issue of Asia
Pacific Journal: Japan Focus
16:12:2 (2018), ed. Anne
McKnight and Michael K. Bourdaghs

Kawabata Yasunari in the Twenty-First Century,” special
issue of
Japan Forum 30:1 (2018), ed. Michael K. Bourdaghs,
Cécile Sakai, and Toeda Hirokazu.

PAJLS 15: Performance in Japanese Literature (Association
for Japanese Literary Studies, 2014), ed. Michael Bourdaghs,
Reginald Jackson, and Hoyt Long.

Sōseki’s Theory of Literature," special issue of Japan Forum
20:1 (March 2008), ed. Joseph A. Murphy, Atsuko Ueda, and
Michael K. Bourdaghs.