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The Music of Hayakawa Yoshio (3): “The Most Beautiful Thing in this World”

Posted in Music by bourdaghs on the September 22nd, 2013

(In anticipation of the October 18, 2013 concert by Hayakawa Yoshio and Sakuma Masahide at the University of Chicago, over the next few weeks I will be posting a series of entries here introducing Hayakawa’s music. More information about the concert, which is free and open to the public, is available here.)

早川義夫 キレイ

“The Most Beautiful Thing in This World” (Kono yo de ichiban kirei na mono) is the title track from Hayakawa’s second solo album, released in 1994 on Sony Records. With music and lyrics by Hayakawa, this was the song by which he announced his return to active recording and performing after more than two decades of self-imposed exile from the music industry. During his years away from performing, Hayakawa managed a bookstore in the suburbs of Tokyo and published a number of books of essays.

You can hear the original 1994 recording of the song here:

The Most Beautiful Thing in This World
(Music and lyrics by Hayakawa Yoshio)
English translation by Michael Bourdaghs

Feel my weak heart in my fingertips
Trembling pathetically
Naked in front of you all
Curled up, wretched me.

Why do I sing these songs?
What do I want to say—and to whom?
Wish I’d been born a stronger man
But I can’t help it, this is who I am.

The most beautiful thing in this world
The thing you need the most
The vast cosmos that embraces us all
A single teardrop, life seeking life

The most beautiful thing is not somewhere out there
It waits inside of you
Be a good person, be simple and true
The heart that knows beauty is beauty


Yowai kokoro ga yubisaki ni tsutawatte
Itaitashii hodo furuete iru
Minna no mae de hadaka ni natte
Chijikomatte iru mijime na boku

Naze ni boku wa uta o utau no darō
Dare ni nani o tsutaetai no darō
Motto tsuyoku umaretakatta
Shikata ga nai ne kore ga boku da mono

Kono yo de ichiban kirei na mono wa
Anata ni totte hitsuyō na mono
Bokura o tsutsumu sōdai na uchū
Hitoshizuku no namida motomeau inochi

Kirei na mono wa doko ka ni aru no dewa nakute
Anata no naka ni nemutteru mono nan da
Ii hito wa ii ne sunao de ii ne
Kirei to omou kokoro ga kirei na no sa

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