Versea Bourdaghs (1941-2008) was a Minnesota artist
whose works explored themes of spirituality, hope, and
dreams.  Although she had a lifelong interest in
creating art, she began pursuing it seriously in the
1990s, when she was in her fifties. She first produced a
series of collages in somber colors, but after a 1997 trip
to Guatemala she changed to watercolors, and her
works exploded with vivid colors.


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(Older news
Biography (updated 10/17/08)
Early works (updated 1/3/10)
The first collages (updated 2/11/09)
Later collages and installations (updated 2/14/09)

The Community of Hope series (2/13/09)
The Existential Hope series (2/12/09)
The Web of Life series (2/25/09)

Watercolors:  1990s (updated 2/12/09)
Watercolors:  2000-2003 (updated 2/17/09)
Watercolors:  2004- 2007 (updated 2/19/09)
Final works:  2008 (updated 6/7/09)

Artist statements (updated 2/18/09)
Awards, publications & exhibitions (updated 5/6/10)
1999 newspaper article (updated 2/17/09)
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St. Paul Art Crawl (Versea exhibited here frequently)
Visual Artists Focus Group (an artist collective in
which Versea was active)
On the Cusp (2000)
Watercolor, 16” by 20”
Family collection
Suffering:  The Harbinger of Hope (1994)
Mixed media, 40" by 32"
Private collection
Versea Bourdaghs
The Art of Hope